“To those who argue that it would be better to help less fortunate Mexicans first, my answer is: Why not support those in need wherever they may be? A society that shows only selective solidarity is not a humane society.” -Embajador Luis Ortiz Monasterio.


We at Habesha Project believe that higher education is the best way to empower young people so that they can play a crucial role in the reconstruction of postconflict societies. Also, we’re convinced that welcoming young people from countries around the world makes Mexico a more diverse place, creates intercultural dialogue that promotes mutual understanding between societies, and enriches host communities. There are many challenges that we all face as members of the international community, but we believe that partnerships between civil society, universities, international organizations and the private sector can help us tackle some of the issues mentioned in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

With the help of generous donors like you!

Habesha Project is a civil society initiative which, despite looking to generate partnerships with large international donors, depends on private donations to do its work. The vast majority of money donated goes directly into providing students with a monthly stipend to finance their accommodation and living costs during their stay in Mexico.

Get Involved

Habesha Project stands out for its rigorous selection process. In coordination with internationally recognised humanitarian agencies, we receive applications from candidates who show exceptional personal and academic merit.

Candidates who are interested in becoming Habesha Project beneficiaries send us two letters of recommendation, a motivation letter, and their transcripts. Habesha Project’s Selection Committee meticulously inspects each candidate’s documentation, and if the candidate passes this stage, he or she goes on to a series of interviews designed to identify academic committment, as well as active interest in the promotion of peace.

Once the candidate has been accepted, he or she is put on a waiting list until Habesha Project has the resources to transport him or her to Mexico.

Despite our best efforts, our resources are limited. But with your help, we can achieve our goals. You can find a number of ways in which you take part on the Get Involved page.