Silva Namo
“Imagine that you have died and someone gives to you a miracle cure. That’s how it felt coming to mexico, as if I was born again.”

Silva is a young lady from the district of Al Malikiya in Al-Hasakah, Syria, place where she lived until August 2013, when due to the consequences of the armed conflict in Syria she had to run away with this parents, 4 brothers and 3 sisters to the Domiz Refugee Camp in the Duhok Province in the Iraqi Kurdistan, where she lived for almost 4 years.

For her supportive character, her tenacity and her proficiency in English, during her stay in Iraq worked as a communitarian assistant in a French humanitarian agence, that let her become aware of the needs of the refugees and support his family economically. The candidacy of Silva as a beneficiary of the Habesha Project was accepted since 2015 and thanks to an intensive fundraising she could arrive to Mexico on February 2017.

Today, Silva studies a degree in Odontology at the Universidad Latina de América in Morelia, Michoacán. She is a studious and joyful young lady, her favorite activities are listening to music in Arabic and taking violin classes. Her dream is to go back to Syria in order to reunite with his family and support her community working as a dentist.


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