Samah Abdullhamid
“I believe that the chance that the Habesha Project offers to the Syrian students is a good example for any other country or any other project interested in the promotion of Human Rights, because education matters to us all”

Samah is a young lady from the Tartus Province. She got a degree in Fine Arts at Damascus University and she was forced to drop out of the master’s degree due to violence upsurge in Damascus as a consequence of the conflict in Syria.

Samah migrated to Beirut where she worked with an Italian humanitarian organization, at the same time she was part of “Art Residency” a programme that offers residence and projects to Syrian artists that look for shelter from the situation in their country. During the four years that she lived in Lebanon, Samah did not have the chance to take up her master’s degree, until she met the Habesha Project. She presented her Candidacy on July 2016, eight months later she was accepted and welcomed in Mexico.

She is a lover of the Fine Arts, Photography and Jazz. She has promised to never stop learning something new, therefore she is now learning how to play percussions. Currently she is studying Spanish and she promptly wishes to drop in a master’s degree that lets her support with the reconstruction of the Syrian social fabric through art.


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