Jackdar Mohammed
“They will see us the 30 Syrian students finishing our studies in Mexico and rebuilding a country.”

Jackdar is a young man from Spina, a suburb located in the surroundings of Damascus. Since a child he lived in this locality until the end of the three years of High School and later he dropped in a degree in Economy at Damascus University just as the conflict in Syria started to increase.

As the one in charge of the familiar economy, he was forced to have a rushed lifestyle: from 8:00 pm to 8:00 he worked in a store and later in a restaurant near his home, afterwards he went to university and at the end of the classes he only had four hours to eat, study and sleep. For him, it was commun to hear the deafening sound of the shots and missiles in his way to university. The day a bomb exploded near the store he worked in, he realised that neither him nor his family could stay in Damascus for too much time, furthermore he had the risk to be recruited by the army.

On February 2013 Jackdar got out of Syria in the company of his family. After a long bus trip they arrived to the Domiz Refugee Camp in the city of Dukoh in the Iraqi Kurdistan. Soon after his arrival, he got a job in a French NGO named “ACTED”, he started doing communitary mobilization tasks as part of the children protection team and two months later, he was promoted to the Monitoring and Evaluation Department, that concentrated his tasks in the population of the camp.

Jackdar begin his candidacy to be part of the Habesha Project on May 2015, and was until February 2017 when he successfully could be welcomed in Mexico. Jackdar is a cheerful and sympathetic young man, his dream is to study a degree in Enterprise Management in order to go back to Syria to support his family and to do something big for his country.


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