Hazem Sharif
“I want to be strong for the people who are at home. I used to work in a refugee camp in Iraq, now that I am going to study Management I will come back in order to make the refugee camps more efficient, and to help the Syrians in general to carry on with their lives. As a refugee, your future is frozen, but as a student here, everything is possible.”

Hazem is a young man from the district of Al Malikiya in Al-Hasakah, Syria, and a member of a numerous family of 10 brothers and sisters. He started his degree studies in 2011, however, on September 2013, he had to leave his country, his studies, his job and the majority of his family due to the activity of the mandatory military recruitment, the economic decay, the worry about his safety and the lack of academic and work opportunities.

He traveled to Iraq and worked as a dishwasher for a year in a hotel, he was later promoted to receptionist thanks to his proficiency in English, Arabic (Classical and Dialectal) and the two dialectal variants of Kurdish. Some time later, he got an opportunity to work in a French NGO named “ACTED” inside the Domiz refugee camp in Iraq. He started his candidacy to become part of the Habesha Project in the midst of 2015, and after a year of efforts and fundraising on the Habesha Project’s side, Mexico welcomed him with open arms in 2016.

During his stay in Mexico, Hazem has stood out because of his discipline, high sense of responsibility and commitment to the Habesha Project’s cause. During his year of academic stay in the city of Aguascalientes, Hazem has reached an intermediate proficiency in Spanish (B1), enough to start his degree studies. He has taken part in different conferences and events of the Habesha Project, as a matter of fact, he participated as a speaker in a TEDx Humboldt Mexico City event on July 2017. His leisure activities include photography and travelling across Mexico. His greatest dream is to set up an enterprise dedicated to the promotion of understanding remote cultures, especially the ones from Syria, in Mexico.


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