Essa Hassan
“Compared to Syria there is peace in Mexico, of course; the Mexicans do not appreciate the peace they have, they live in a beautiful country with development opportunities, with opportunities to change it, for me, that is called peace.”

Issa a young man from Marzaf, a small town located at the northwest of the Syrian city of Hama. When he finished his studies in the degree of Bibliotechnology, Essa left the country escape the mandatory military service.

He stayed for two months in a city in Turkey, where he got a job in a Café where he could afford his food and a place to sleep. When his savings ran out, he decided to travel to Lebanon where he got a job in a hotel.

A couple of months later, he decided to move to Beirut, where he got a job as an Arabic teacher and as an officer at the French humanitarian organization’s project “Action contre la faim.” After two years of working in Beirut, he decided to move to Rome in 2014 in the pursuit of opportunities.

He started his candidacy for the Habesha Project in 2013 and after nine months of an intense fundraising labor, he became the first benefitted student of the project.

Essa is about to finish his master’s degree in Communications at Universidad Iberoamericana. Due to his passion for study, he is looking forward to going back to his country and work as a college teacher. He is a young man convinced that local problems should be recognized and solved in the global scenery.


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