Enjin Kader
“This project is proof that Mexicans will help the affected countries and strengthen their relationships with people in need.”

Enjin is a 22-year-old young lady from Sheikh Maqsood, in the east zone of Aleppo. She has a numerous family that was forced to move constantly whilst looking for employment opportunities due to the economic and social circumstances of the conflict. She barely finished High School in Kobani before definitely moving to Iraq, when they found out that her home was destroyed after bombing.

During her stay in Iraq, Enjin worked as a volunteer in different refugee camps (Darashakran, Baharka and Debaga) for organizations like “Un Ponte Per”, “Relief” and “Terres des Hommes” in cooperation with UNICEF and UNHCR during different periods, sensitizing in topics such as maternity, early marriage and child labor. Enjin tried to continue with her higher studies in Iraq; however, because of her status of refugee, she was rejected and unable to get an academic scholarship.

When she found out about the existence of the Habesha Project, she started her nomination at the end of 2016, being welcomed into Mexico on September 27th, 2017. Enjin is a joyful and sociable young lady with a verifiable social commitment. She is currently in the city of Aguascalientes, studying Spanish intensively and on her free time she likes to play basketball. Her dream is to study Engineering and then reunite with her family as well as to support the reconstruction of Syria.


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