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Five for Syria is Habesha Projects program that offers the opportunity to do something for the Syrian youth whose academic future collapsed.

With your monthly contribution of 5 dollars or more, we will offer our students a monthly stipend that will allow them to cover all their basic expenses during their higher education studies.

Ambassador Francisco Olguín
Ambassador Francisco Olguín Uribe is the president of the Habesha Project Council. He’s got a degree in Political Science and Public Administration by the Universidad Autónoma de México, and a master’s in Political Science by El Colegio de México. Since his entry he has taken on different responsibilities including being the coordinator of special matters in the headquarters of Africa and the Middle East and Human Rights and Democracy, as well as being the General Director for North America and chancery chief in the embassies of Mexico in Canada, France and the European Union.
Adrián Meléndez
Adrián is the founder and Director of the Habesha Project. He’s got a degree in Law by the Universidad Panamericana, and a master’s in Political Sciences by the Jean Moulin University. Adrián has worked with different humanitarian agencies in Islamabad and Swat valley in Pakistan, Helmand province and Kabul, in Afghanistan. In 2013, he joined the response to the Syrian crisis in southern Lebanon and the Syrian refugee camps of Kurdistan, in Iraq. Before that he had worked in the International Organization for Migration in Geneva, Switzerland, for more than 2 years.
José Eduardo Muzquiz
José is the General Coordinator of the Habesha Project. He’s an honor graduate in International Affairs by the Universidad Iberoamericana. He was employed as an assistant at Universidad Iberoamericana’s Programs of Incidence and took part in the Investigation “Violence and Terror, Findings on Clandestine Pits in Mexico” from the university’s Human Rights Program. He’s a specialist in Mexico / United States frontier studies by Colegio de la Frontera Norte.
Álvaro Zúñiga
Álvaro is the Administration and Finances Coordinator of the Habesha Project. He’s got a degree in Administration by Universidad la Salle. He worked at the security and risks area in Seguros Monterrey, New York Life, and Nova Energetic Infrastructure. His responsibilities were knowing about insurances and follow – up insurance courses for different workers of the companies. In addition, he also performed invoices, and insurances and assets risk analysis for the companies.
Michelle Quiñones
Michelle is the Collection and Communication Coordinator. She’s got a degree in International Affairs by Universidad Iberoamericana, and she is the author of “The Habesha Project. Towards the construction of the cosmopolitan/ global citizenship in the contemporary Mexico” volume II of the “University Synthesis” from Universidad Iberoamericana León.
Cristina Blumenkron
Cristina is the Monitoring Coordinator of the Habesha Project students. She’s currently studying a International Relationships bachelor in the Universidad Iberoamericana, and is a member of the “Investigation for Peace” academic group since 2014; said group focuses on the recommendations based on research regarding the psychosocial effects caused by violence related to organized crime, as well as peace building in Mexico.
Oscar Zermeño
Oscar is the Creative Director of the Habesha Project. He’s got a degree in graphic design by Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes. He’s specialized in a wide range of design areas such as web design, corporate image design, advertising design and illustration. Through his career, he has collaborated with diverse nonprofit organizations and is a co-creator of the campaign #EnMéxicoSePuede.
Fabiola Castillo
Fabiola is the General Coordinator of Spanish Teaching of the Habesha Project. She’s got a degree in Latin American Literature by the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México and currently studies a master’s in Hispanic Linguistics at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Méxco. She’s part of the Language, Thinking and Social Complexity Seminar of the Department of Applied Linguistics at the Escuela Nacional de Lenguas, Lingüistica y Traducción (UNAM), where she does her research.
Luis Rafael Montanaro
Luis Rafael is the Secretary of the Supervisory Board and Legal Affairs Coordinator of the Habesha Project. He’s a law student in Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City. He was an intern at “Sotorisolve S.C” in the Aeronautical, Environmental and Energy law field. He currently works in Civil and Commercial litigation at “Alapisco Abogados S.C”.
Agustín Berea
Agustín has a master’s in Asian and African Studies by El Colegio de México. He’s a collaborator in “Siempre!” (Mexico) and “Mundo Iranio” (Spain) magazines. He also works as a translator and advisor for cultural and marketing projects.
Luis Antonio Sámano
Luis is a member of the Habesha Project’s Council. He’s got a PhD in Law by Universidad Panamericana, a master’s and a degree in Law by Universidad de Michoacán, he’s a full time academic attached to the Law Faculty of the Universidad Michoacana, a professor at the Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Penales, and a guest professor at the Law Master in the Universidad Autónoma de Nayarit, he’s currently a Training Director in the Executive Committee of Attention to Victims.
Alejandra Gómez Colorado
Alejandra has a batchelor’s degree in Social Anthropology by the National School of Anthropology and History, and a master’s in Asian and African Studies by the Colegio de México. From 2008 to 2011, she coordinated “de rasgos árabes” (“of Arabic features”) project in Mexico of the Cultural Center of Spain. Some of her most outstanding curatorship works include Persia: fragments of the paradise (National Museum of Anthropology 2006-2007), Poetry as a daily experience in Iran (Cultural Center of Spain 2010-2011) carried out with the support of FONCA and the permanent Room of Mesopotamia at the National Museum of the Cultures of the World.
Ambassador Luis Ortiz Monasterio
Ambassador Luis Ortiz Monasterio has been in public service for 51 years and is one of the most recognized figures in Mexico when it comes to human rights and intercultural dialog. He has been an ambassador of Mexico in Colombia, Jamaica and the Islamic Republic of Iran. He founded the Human Rights Bureau, where he was the first director. He was also the first director of the Mexican Commission for Refugee Aid.
Ignacio Barba
Ignacio es Licenciado en Ciencias de la Comunicación por el Tecnológico de Monterrey con estudios de Cinematografía y Cine Experimental por la Universidad de California en Los Ángeles y de Dirección de Actores por la Escuela de Cine y Televisión de San Antonio de los Baños en Cuba. En Proyecto Habesha ha colaborado en el área audiovisual en la creación de contenido videográfico.
Mauricio Meschoulam
Mauricio is a professor in the departments of International Studies and History of the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico. He’s got a degree in International Affairs and a master's degree in Humanistic Studies by ITESM as well as a PhD in Public Policy by Walden University. He is a regular contributor to national and international news networks.