Sarahy is a young woman from Honduras who, after being extorted by and receiving death threats from organized crime in her country, is forced to leave home and seek asylum in the United States with her husband and young daughter.

Alas, this promise of change is frustrated by one of the Trump administration’s most controversial immigration policies. Under this policy, a bilateral agreement with the Mexican government that’s known colloquially as “Remain in Mexico”, the United States government has returned more than 70,000 asylum seekers with cases similar to Sarahy's to Mexico to await resolution of their cases there.

Remain in Mexico has left asylum seekers like Sarahy waiting in an endless state of limbo, a difficult situation that’s now been made worse by the pandemic and the resulting closure of borders and immigration courts in the United States.

Now, Sarahy’s waiting for her day to come; the day on which her case is resolved and she’s granted asylum in the United States.

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