Habesha Project

An initiative established by Diálogo Intercultural de México Activo (DIMA) in 2015 that makes it possible for young Syrians whose studies have been interrupted by the armed conflict in their country to continue their university education in Mexico. Over four years, Habesha Project has constructed a successful model through which it brings at-risk Syrians to Mexico, developed a course in which beneficiaries learn Spanish intensively and prepare to return to academia, and brought together a network of universities from all over Mexico so that students can study the bachelor’s or master’s degree of their choice on a full scholarship.

Habesha Americas

Habesha Americas is a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) project which seeks to guarantee the rights of refugees, asylum seekers and others to quality education. It is funded by and implemented in coordination with UNHCR, in the hope of increasing the number of refugees accessing higher education globally.


The Integral Strategy for the Systematic Improvement of Refugees’ Access to Higher Education in Mexico through Iocumentation, Capacity Building and Awareness Raising (EIARESM) is a Diálogo Intercultural de México Activo (DIMA) project that looks to bring together all of the organization’s learning so that, through systematic improvements to its ways of working, increased numbers of young refugees can access higher education in Mexico.